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I am sure you must have wondered that AI & ML are the same concepts as people usually use them as a synonym for each other, but still, both are two different terms in various cases. The full form of AI is artificial intelligence and the Full form of ML is machine learning

On a vast level, we can differentiate both AI and ML as:

AI is a greater idea to create intelligent machines that can recreate human thinking capability and behavior, whereas, machine learning is an application or variant of AI that allows machines to learn from data without being programmed in a detailed manner.

To be simpler let’s assume AI and Ml as Robots

AI robot does not require being pre-programmed, instead of that, they use such algorithms which can work with their own intelligence. It involves machine learning algorithms such as Reinforcement learning algorithms and deep learning neural networks. AI is being used in multiple places such as Siri, Google Home, AI in Chess playing, etc. There are three different types of AI based on their capabilities which are

  • Weak AI
  • General AI
  • Strong AI

MI robot is about extracting knowledge from the data. It can be defined as,

Machine learning is a subdivision of artificial intelligence, which enables programs or machines to learn from past data or experiences without being explicitly programmed. For example, if we create a machine learning model to detect a picture of a bike, it will only give results for bike images, but if we provide a new data like a car image then it will become unresponsive. For example in daily use when we use youtube we get recommendation of videos which we often used to see so this uses machine learning to know which videos are of your interest. This is also used in Google search algorithms, Email spam filters, Facebook Auto friend tagging suggestions, etc.

There are three types of machine learning which are

  • Supervised learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Unsupervised learning

Requirements for learning AI and ML is just to have High school math knowledge and minimum python language which (we also provide python course)

The scope of AI in the future is very good and learning it would be valuable for sure.AI is used in Science and Research

in Cyber Security

in Data Analysis

in Transport

in Home 

in Healthcare


AI is one of the quickest developing areas in the tech sector. Also as you can see obviously, the scope of AI has ventured into numerous areas, including medical care, transport, and security. Because of such development, numerous industries require the ability of talented AI experts.


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